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Mental Health

All proposals for mental health law to force the hot debate with mental disorders are treated with appropriate conditions

Admitted to the provisions of the shadow justice "for the public disturbance"

Concern, June 10, "Mental Health Act, the draft" after the end of dystocia longer available for 26 years, Legislative Bureau of the State Council on the opinions of the <a target="_new" rel="nofollow" burberry outlet draft to the community in the assembly, in various ways to participate in the discussions, submit a change to another number of professional organizations for the first time yesterday closed community.

In addition to the patient's mental illness forced hospitalization and medical systems, the focus of community investment, to improve the system of mental health services to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the patient and how the establishment, including how to increase are.

During this period, more than one reporter is interviewing a mental illness, their families, {a target="_new" rel="nofollow" burberry men psychiatrists, lawyers, authors of the draft, listening to their focus on these issues. We are China's main psychiatric hospital sample, select a state of mental health problems of analysis and research in China and explore solutions. - Editor

Of forced hospitalization health system, not a top priority for mental health legislation, how to set the difficulty to hard.

What should people care what force? Have the power of humanity in exile who? Disease patients do not have the final say? Enforcement and judicial areas that have been processed in the medical field? There are not enough parties yet drunk.

Book of the State Council Legislative Affairs, Public Citizen organization, "spiritual and social observation" and "institutional conditions for a fair proposal for the application shall be treated as mandatory," "The public should be removed and could be easily exploited to submit proposed changes to the disorder, are considered to be too wide to be refined this concept and the Lawyers Constitutional Commission on Human Rights in China. the spirit from the branch of Chinese Medical Association experts doctor is in need of treatment forces, the draft conditions for the application to determine which patients believe that hospital is too small that there is a lot of potential not treated in time.

In patients treated with what should be mandatory?

}> 1 conflict

Measures that are clearly defined draft hospitalized involuntarily, for the patient's involuntary, unknown only the symptoms can not control their own behavior, is applied to mental illness, are hurting themselves, public endanger the safety or safety of others, the risk of public disorder hospitalization.

"Disturbing public order", but could be easily exploited

Well-known public interest lawyer, fresh "company interests" denial of public service, "responsibility, including" China's system of mental illness are admitted to the legal analysis, "Xuetao writer Huang said the" disturbing public the order "is very broad," Criminal Law "Identification" disturbing public order offenses, "crimes" "crime Trickster 'fees and 28," Public Administrative Law, "decision" disturbing the public order Acts, "Chase intercept the" Other "," interfere with the elections, "contains 20 of the act. The patient's medical treatment as a condition of involuntary use of "disturbing public order", the abuse was not in doubt.

"Disturbing public order" no international standards

All China Lawyers' Association Committee of the Secretary General of the Central University of Finance and Li Xuan Law School constitutional and human rights, "disturbing public order" as, in many cases, to limit individual freedoms of citizens, security the ambiguity and openness to give abuse, may be refined for the involuntary patient's condition for the application of measures to deal with such a concept would be to mean "disturbing public order "for burberry women criminal penalties for such excuse. Forces were treated to international standards of mental illness, not "disturbing public order" and "disturbing public order risks," there is no such clause.

"Standard risk" there are hidden

Endanger public safety or other personal, completely only if patients are hurting themselves, "risk" standard, a draft of the involuntary hospitalization of the patient, "Mental Health Law", Peking University Sixth Hospital Security has been involved in drafting the Tang Hongyu, vice president acts disturbing public order, acknowledged to enforce. In fact, the extreme behavior of mental patients, many of the existing 16 million patients with severe mental illness is not a "risk behavior" only about 10%, nonsense, primarily, nudity, paranoia Diet and the like. The existing regulations, these patients may need to get timely treatment in practice.

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